Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Big Day for Brett

Its spring and another semester ended, so graduation festivities were upon us. Brett was able to participate in the ceremony, although he technically is still finishing one class that he should have done in the next month or so. No matter the technicalities, he is (basically) done with this part of his education.

Brett's parents, grandma and two of his siblings came to watch him walk across the stage and congratulate him. He is one of those guys who never likes it when a fuss is made over him, but I made him stand still for some pictures of him in his robe.

After everything was over his parents took us out to lunch at Famous Dave's. Brett has been craving some Famous Dave's bbq since we went there with my parents a little less than a year ago. It was delicious and totally worth the wait. 

For the next few months Brett will be enjoying his first break from school in two years. Working full time, although still work, feels like a vacation when there isn't homework to do as well. He is looking forward to having his evenings to read some books and learn the guitar. Sadly, I will be working and taking summer classes, so he is on his own in his hobbies.

Next step, graduate school in the fall. Come September he will be going full speed in the MPA program here at BYU and he won't have the luxury of catching up on some books!

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