Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Makeshift Dinner

This week has been crazy. Finals, work, getting ready for Brett's graduation and a trip home to my family. That's what life is like in Provo recently. Well, it all came to a head last night when it came time to make dinner.

We had two frozen hamburger patties saved from last time we had burgers and I had put some potatoes in the oven. I thought I was all sorts of ahead of the game, so I was going to exercise while the potatoes cooked. The below picture is what I had envisioned in my mind.....

...sadly that is not what happened.

After I got all of this taken care of, I check my email and find that one last review session had been scheduled by my history TA, and that it started in 30 minutes. So naturally I run back to the bedroom, change out of workout clothes and practically run up the hill to campus, leaving directions with Brett on what he needs to do for dinner.

A while later it is almost 10:00 pm and I am finally on my way home from frantically remembering dates in ancient history. I called Brett to let him know I was coming and that I am excited to finally eat leftovers. What I didn't know was that Brett had not eaten yet because of a mini disaster.

The hamburgers were frozen in a regular zipper bag and Brett attempted to thaw them by putting the bag in warm water. Apparently there was a whole in the bag and when he returned a few minutes later the sink was full of watery, hamburger-y, juices. Not super appetizing. On top of that, the patties totally disintegrated in the water.

So here we are, stressed with finals, 10 at night, and dinner plans ruined. We ended up throwing together a little of this and a little of that and ended up having a conglomeration of taco flavored meat and chips, black beans, baked potatoes, and saltine crackers left over from when Brett had the flu earlier in the week.

Making that list just reinforced in my mind just how ridiculous that dinner was. But honestly, we were just excited for the food in general. Luckily we are going to a BBQ tonight where we don't need to worry about the food. All we need to to is show up and eat.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Official Decision

We are staying in Provo for the next two years. How can I say this so definitively?  Brett was not only accepted to graduate school, but was offered a significant scholarship to the Romney Institute of Public Management within the Marriott School of Management. I am so proud of him and all his hard work. This just goes to show that good things happen to good people who work hard.

By staying at BYU we will both be able to continue our schooling on this amazingly beautiful campus. I would have to say that we are blessed to have such an opportunity. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

That Time I Made Adorable Cupcakes

This just looks like your typical Easter cupcakes right? Wrong!

The toothpicks and wrappers make bunnies! Check it. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How To Know We Are Stressed

The end of the school year is fast approaching us. We are only 2 weeks away from the last day of classes and the beginning of finals. This means that we have buckled down in order to finish out strong. How can you tell this is happening at the Lee house? By checking these simple indicators.

  • Exercise Patterns Change: Typically Brett and I will exercise together and at about 6:00 in the evening. At these points in the school year this changes. Brett exercises in the afternoon during his break and I exercise later in the evening after I can get home. It all comes down to just squeezing it in whenever we can.
  • My Nails Are Freshly Painted: This is not because it is my personal break from stress. Really it is because when I get stressed I will start to chip at my nail polish until it is gone. The problem is that you really can't get all of it and your nails get really beat up so I hurry and repaint them again to hide it. This continues in a vicious cycle as I peel off that paint too. From the outside, I just look like I am trying to match my polish to my outfit.
  • Extreme Use of Note Cards: We can also roll loose leaf paper into this category as well. Why the excess paper? An excess amount of list making. Everything has to be written down, otherwise I forget it and it stresses me even more.
  • We Eat Lots of Pasta: Seriously, pasta is the best thing to eat when you are busy. Early in the week make up a double batch of tomato sauce and all you have to do when you get hungry is spend 15 minutes to boil some noodles! Done! If you want to get crazy you can have some white sauce too and cook up some chicken while the noodles cook. I'm telling you, its so easy but so fast.
  • We Play Hard on the Weekend: I am a big believer in the fact that if you work hard you can play hard as well. And this instance is no different. By Thursday night we should both have all of our end of the year assignments done. That means that we can spend this weekend catching up on everything we have been wanting to do. Even better, we try to make up for the school year in the summer by taking advantage of the wonderful outdoor activities here in Utah.

Don't get me wrong here, we are doing great and it's nothing that we can't handle. It just comes with the territory. If we weren't as worried about doing so well with our school and jobs this time of year I would take it to mean that we didn't care about the blessings we have been given in the first place. We are able to attend a prestigious university and get one of the best educations in the country. Brett was accepted to multiple graduate programs which allows him to take his education even further. We both are blessed with jobs that provide an income and have daytime hours that work with our school schedules. We are lucky enough to spend almost every evening together, even if our activity of the night might be simply sitting next to each other at the table doing homework.