Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Full Year

Well look at us! As of Monday, we have been married for a full year! Pretty exciting right? I sure think so. It was a great day for Brett and me.

Brett was crafty enough to find us a coupon to Outback Steakhouse and since their Nascar driver won on Sunday, everyone got a free Bloomin' Onion!

When we came back from dinner we were so full that it took a little while for us to be able to eat our dessert. Luckily we are still students and had homework we could do while we created some space in our stomachs. 


My mom was great enough to think ahead and help us keep a wedding tradition. We have had the top tier of our wedding cake in our freezer just waiting for our 1st anniversary. 

One year down, eternity to go. Lucky for us we like each other. It has been the greatest year, and I am looking forward to all the years to come.