Friday, August 17, 2012

Tingey Family Visit 2012

Last weekend some of my family come into town. It was my mom, Brook, Cole, and Hailey. Sadly, Dad had to work and Sierra couldn't miss soccer practice, so they weren't able to come. Luckily we were still able to enjoy ourselves.

Bridal Veil Falls again. Its so close to home and such a good excuse to get everyone out of our little apartment that we almost had to go!

Brett keeps up his thing with cliffs.

My Momma 

Brett and I explored to the other side of the waterfall while both Mom and Hailey both took pictures.

Here is Brook! Ready to start BYU in her Cougar t-shirt. 

Climbing beyond this point is strictly prohibited? What do you think Brett did?

If you look closely in this picture you can see the orange smudge that is Brett. Climbing beyond the sign. Luckily Hailey didn't follow him that far.

Cole spent the whole time trying to build up the side of the pool to get it deeper. Since he did nothing else, I am sure he succeeded to some degree.  

Saturday we all drove up to Salt Lake City to see the sights and see everyone but Brook (who is staying with us until she can move into her apartment) off on their trip home. We had some previous engagements back in Provo in the later afternoon, so we didn't do the whole tour of Temple Square. We got see City Creek and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building before we had to say goodbye. 

Sorry this picture is slightly askew. I didn't notice until I pulled it up on the computer. I love the architecture of this building. It is so beautiful it makes me wish I was a better photographer. 

Our whole group with a view towards the temple. It was great to see these guys. I'm glad that they were able to come down and spend a few days when they dropped Brook off. Looking forward to when we see you guys again!


  1. SOO fun! I'm glad Brook has you to come to stay with starting her first year at school! You guys are awesome to give her so much help and support! I love Hailey and Cole!

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I'm jealous you went to JSMB. I love that building too.


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