Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I have this urge to just voice my opinion to the world. Don't ask me why, but I do sometimes. So here we go. Some random events of late, and some random thoughts on my mind.

  •  I taught Brett a card game that I grew up playing with my mom, and of the 7 times we have played, I have only won once. How is that possible?
  • As a receptionist, I don't understand why random people walk into a huge coporation and get angry with me when I don't just call the CEO or HR Director to come down and hear their sales pitch. I also don't get why these kids that want a job either come in looking like the just stepped off a skateboard on the street or are 45 minutes late on their first day. I just don't get it. 
  • I love when working really hard at something pays off in the end. Whether its a calculus class or budgeting money. Although I sometimes don't like the work part, it makes it easier knowing that blessings will always follow. 
  • I love books. Since I took my calculus final this weekend, I rewarded myself with a library card to the Provo City Library. So far it is wonderful. I love that on Saturday night I had a long conversation with my husband on which books we love, which we want to read, and how important they are. He seems to think that with tablets books will go away. I hope that it won't. There is nothing the same as holding and reading an actual book. 
  • I love my friends. Before Brett came along my closest extended family was 3 hours and one state away, and because of that my friends became like brothers and sisters and I am extremely emotionally invested in their happiness. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not as good.
  • I am excited to start taking classes on campus again. Over a year away and I have gotten more than restless. I can't wait to start working towards the end goal of a degree, even if it is going to take a while.
  • Utah has been wearing on me a little lately, which I am trying not to acknowledge since we could be here for 1, 3, or 5 more years. Not that there is anything exactly wrong with Utah, I think its just the restlessness of me not being in school that makes me want to leave and get on with the rest of our lives. 
  • I am stoked that my little sister will be here in Provo in less than two weeks. Time for Brett to be outnumbered on movie votes. Chick flick marathons coming right up. Just as stoked that more of my family will be staying with us for a few days when they drop her off. Wish that everyone could make it, but this is life. 


  1. I love reading your thoughts. Regarding books, I am in your corner. I have no desire to read a kindle or nook or anything else electronic. I know that I am an old fashioned girl but I don't care; I prefer an old fashioned book. I want to take a paperback into the tub with me... I want to curl up on the couch with a good book and a blanket... I want to see my bookmark peeking out from my pages when the book is closed... the list could go on and, so far, I can't be talked into making the switch. I also love the library. I loved visiting it as a child and I still love visiting it today. Doesn't having a library card make you feel special? Simple pleasures.


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