Monday, July 9, 2012

Fourth of July

Fourth of July! Although I may not be the biggest fan of parades, I do love the Fourth. We took it pretty chill, we both had the day off work or school. First plan was to walk to the nearby bakery and get some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Brett is a huge fan of checking out a local bakery every once in a while. We checked online to make sure they would be open on the holiday, and it said they were. Sadly, we walked there, and they were closed..............

.....................Brett was sad.

Salt Lake Country Club opens their golf course to the public every year for the firework show. It is one of those things that is open to the public, but not public knowledge, so its not crazy busy and you get really close. We showed up and told the valets that we weren't members of the club, and they told us the best way to get around to the back, at least they thought they did. Rather, they sent us through the Club and out across the back patio, where they were having the fancy Fourth of July dinner for all the club members. The tables were super close together and it was so embarrassing walking through. We got so many nasty looks from these "classy" old people due to our jeans, coolers, and blankets. It was pretty bad. 

We did make it to our own little patch of grass, where we played some Starburst Poker to pass the time. I just want to admit that I am horrible. Straight up awful. 

There have been so many fires here in Utah that have been really close to harming a lot of people, and taking some homes in the process. The one good thing is that we have had better sunsets due to the smoke. 

The gang. Gary & Anneli, Me & Brett. 

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