Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I have this urge to just voice my opinion to the world. Don't ask me why, but I do sometimes. So here we go. Some random events of late, and some random thoughts on my mind.

  •  I taught Brett a card game that I grew up playing with my mom, and of the 7 times we have played, I have only won once. How is that possible?
  • As a receptionist, I don't understand why random people walk into a huge coporation and get angry with me when I don't just call the CEO or HR Director to come down and hear their sales pitch. I also don't get why these kids that want a job either come in looking like the just stepped off a skateboard on the street or are 45 minutes late on their first day. I just don't get it. 
  • I love when working really hard at something pays off in the end. Whether its a calculus class or budgeting money. Although I sometimes don't like the work part, it makes it easier knowing that blessings will always follow. 
  • I love books. Since I took my calculus final this weekend, I rewarded myself with a library card to the Provo City Library. So far it is wonderful. I love that on Saturday night I had a long conversation with my husband on which books we love, which we want to read, and how important they are. He seems to think that with tablets books will go away. I hope that it won't. There is nothing the same as holding and reading an actual book. 
  • I love my friends. Before Brett came along my closest extended family was 3 hours and one state away, and because of that my friends became like brothers and sisters and I am extremely emotionally invested in their happiness. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not as good.
  • I am excited to start taking classes on campus again. Over a year away and I have gotten more than restless. I can't wait to start working towards the end goal of a degree, even if it is going to take a while.
  • Utah has been wearing on me a little lately, which I am trying not to acknowledge since we could be here for 1, 3, or 5 more years. Not that there is anything exactly wrong with Utah, I think its just the restlessness of me not being in school that makes me want to leave and get on with the rest of our lives. 
  • I am stoked that my little sister will be here in Provo in less than two weeks. Time for Brett to be outnumbered on movie votes. Chick flick marathons coming right up. Just as stoked that more of my family will be staying with us for a few days when they drop her off. Wish that everyone could make it, but this is life. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Midnight Movies

So for some reason Brett and I decided that it was worth it go to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises at midnight to avoid accidentally hearing anything about how the movie ended. Anyone who knows us also knows that we are huge fans of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. We went to the movie with Emily and Jesse, also big batman fans, and took off to American Fork to our reserved seats. On a random side note: reserved seating at movie theaters is the best idea I have ever heard of. The big seller for me was that even though the movie was so late, I could go home and sleep until 9 or 10, which I did. 

Group shot before it started. So much fun with these guys. Check out Emily and Jesse's shirts they made! Wishing Brett and I would have done that. Although my shirt is pretty sweet. 

Emily and Jesse. So cute!

So here is my thought on the movie experience. Was it worth the midnight showing and the exhaustion that came from that? No. But do I regret it? No.

As for the actual movie, it was fantastic! I could not have wanted anything more from this movie. I am so satisfied. I don't want to say much for those who haven't seen yet, but when you do, feel free to get together with Brett and I to completely over analyze the movie. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fourth of July

Fourth of July! Although I may not be the biggest fan of parades, I do love the Fourth. We took it pretty chill, we both had the day off work or school. First plan was to walk to the nearby bakery and get some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Brett is a huge fan of checking out a local bakery every once in a while. We checked online to make sure they would be open on the holiday, and it said they were. Sadly, we walked there, and they were closed..............

.....................Brett was sad.

Salt Lake Country Club opens their golf course to the public every year for the firework show. It is one of those things that is open to the public, but not public knowledge, so its not crazy busy and you get really close. We showed up and told the valets that we weren't members of the club, and they told us the best way to get around to the back, at least they thought they did. Rather, they sent us through the Club and out across the back patio, where they were having the fancy Fourth of July dinner for all the club members. The tables were super close together and it was so embarrassing walking through. We got so many nasty looks from these "classy" old people due to our jeans, coolers, and blankets. It was pretty bad. 

We did make it to our own little patch of grass, where we played some Starburst Poker to pass the time. I just want to admit that I am horrible. Straight up awful. 

There have been so many fires here in Utah that have been really close to harming a lot of people, and taking some homes in the process. The one good thing is that we have had better sunsets due to the smoke. 

The gang. Gary & Anneli, Me & Brett. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I feel like giving my true feelings about parades, why I don't go, and why I am frustrated by the people who do. Not meaning to offend anyone. 
  1. It is always a million degrees and you are severely uncomfortable.
  2. The only possible way to be comfortable is to camp out for, as some here in Provo, two days before the parade even begins so you can sit in a camp chair. 
  3. There are always throngs of people, all miserably hot, smelly, tired and frustrated like you.
  4. Lets be real, all the groups walking by you probably couldn't care less about.
  5. If in fact you do care about one of the groups, or even just a single person in the group, it takes hours of effort just to have them walk by on a street.
  6. Having been in a group for a parade, I also don't think its even fun to be in one. Its a bunch of strangers you don't know, mildly clapping for you as they wait for the one they do know. Also, you are walking in the hot street.
  7. Parades shut down a town for days. I am not exaggerating here. Days. See #2.
  8. When people are setting up their tents on the side of the road, they just pull their cars halfway over and proceed to slowly unload their trunk. See #7
  9. Pedestrians: you only have the right of way in cross walks. If it wasn't for the fact that I don't want to go to jail, I would not stop for you. Ever.
  10. For the rest of us that happen to live within 3 blocks of the street blocked off for the parade and want to go anywhere else, we can't due to the blocked road and therefore traffic on all other streets.
In my opinion, people only really go to parades for four reasons.
  1. Its tradition and nobody likes to break tradition.
  2. To take pictures of their kids wearing red, white, and blue waving mini flags.
  3. For the candy. But really is that even worth the fight?
  4. Ferris Bueller singing Twist and Shout.