Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A New Game!

So Brett and I are still newlyweds. What does that mean? That we have a little apartment and not a lot of spare money laying around to spend on dates all the time. This means we have to get creative in order to break out of the norm during the week. Yesterday we had this conversation over and over, although the sides of the conversation would trade.

Me "So what do you wanna do?"
Brett "I dunno know. What do you wanna do?
Me "I dunno. Whatever you wanna do."
Brett "Well these cookies are good."
Me "Thanks."
Brett "So what are we gonna do?"
Me "I don't know."

This went on for an hour or two before I started listening to random music from my iTunes. I would hear the first few notes of a song I didn't want to listen too, but Brett would recognize it and call out the name. Next thing we knew, we were sitting cross-legged in the living room with laptops playing a game we invented. I would have Brett's music and he had 10 seconds to guess the song and artist that was playing, and he would do the same for me. Whoever had the best percentage of correct guesses wins! It was actually fun. We found songs that we didn't even know we still had and had a few good laughs. It's a little sad that we have to make up games like that, but I guess its a good thing that we can.


  1. It's always best to be friends with your spouse! lmL

  2. Sounds like a fun competition for Heber!!

  3. When Dave and I were young and bored we would sit across from each other at our kitchen table. Then we would see who could push/shoot the most quarters across to the opposite side without them dropping off the edge. I guess simple minds are easily entertained.


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