Monday, April 2, 2012

Create: Accent Pillow

Anyone who has ever been on Pinterest understands what I mean when I say that it makes you think you are Martha Stewart. Since Pinterest was created, there have been many blogs dedicated simply to "Pinterest Fails" where we all try to laugh off the fact that we are not, in fact, Martha Stewart. Today I am excited to show off a Pinterest Success!

Mom and Dad got me a sewing machine for my birthday in December, and other than fixing headbands, shirts, pants, and backpacks, both for us and for our favorite friends, this is my first real crafty project. I have had this about half done for at least a month, but just never finished. Now that we are getting ready to move apartments, I realized that I should finish so I could pack up all the supplies. General Conference weekend was the perfect time, and now I have the satisfaction of seeing how crafty I am AND knowing that all that stuff is packed and ready to go.

This is the original that I found. You can find the tutorial here!

My version looks pretty much the same, but my photography skills are not quite up to that. Is it okay if I just blame it on the weird lights in our apartment and that I still not really know how to do more with a camera than just point and click? Awesome, that's why then. 

Here it is on our bed. I also made the regular red pillow cases behind it. The best part of this whole project? The fact that you can go to IKEA and buy filler pillows for $1. For the flower pillow I just cut the pillow open, pulled some of the stuffing out, and sewed the side back up to the size I wanted. And I didn't even feel bad, 'cause it was a dollar. 


  1. I love it! I especially love when Pinterest projects actually work out. I have so many pretty crafts pinned, and I'm pretty sure it would take me an entire year to really sit down and do them all, that when you choose one you want it to look beautiful. Well done!

  2. Great Job! I am glad you are happy with the sewing machine. I love it when I finish any project but especially a pinterest project! Thanks for sharing the pictures you discovered. You are beautiful. You and Brett still glow. I miss you guys terribly. lmL

  3. Good job, Robyn! Your pillow looks terrific. It is such a good feeling to create something and feel proud when you're finished.

  4. I am seriously impressed. Wanna make me one? :)

  5. Wow! You really are crafty, and that pillow is dang cute!


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