Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Even though its just the two of us, and by ourselves we are too old to do childish things...we do anyway. We have some friends, Gary and Anneli, who are in the same situation we are, so we collaborate our holiday activities. So far with them we have carved pumpkins, done Christmas cookies, had our Famous Ron Swanson night, and now dyed Easter eggs. I did take pictures, or so I thought, but apparently they didn't save so I don't have any. Just know that it was awesome.
The funny thing is that Brett really hid the eggs the next morning for me to find. I like to pretend I thought it was childish, but secretly I think it was awesome. And yes, I am so good that I found all of them.

After church we went to Laurel's (Brett's sister) house for Easter dinner. It was great being down there for the second Easter in a row. We even took the little nieces across the street to the park to burn off some sugar. Luckily I do actually have pictures of that. 


  1. I LOVE that we got to have you and Brett two years in a row (and just when you were falling in love last year... awe...). We love you guys and are so glad you could come down!

    I also love that you do "childish" things for holidays, because I'm pretty sure that's why I STILL do those things, it's just that I have kids to pin them on now. ;-)

  2. Laurel-I still use the kids as excuses to be silly! When I stop playing is the day I die.
    R - You two are so cute. I love that he hid the eggs for you. lmL! I miss you.

  3. I love that you guys dyed, hid, and found your Easter eggs. I have so many fond holiday memories and it seems like most of them are centered around family activities. We can't wait to see you guys!

  4. I am loving that you guys did the whole hiding eggs thing. Cute, cute.
    See you on FRIDAY!


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