Friday, March 2, 2012

Five Go to Books

So surprisingly, my favorite hobby was not found on Pintrest like many other of my current hobbies. This is something that has been part of my life since I was just little. My favorite thing to do when I have the time is to read a book. When I was in elementary and middle school, whenever I would get in trouble my punishment wasn't not being able to watch TV or go to a friend's house. It was that I lost my hour of reading time that I got before bed. I remember one time I was downstairs reading and I was wrapped up in a book, my parents forgot I was down there and my mom came down to change the laundry after midnight and I was still up just reading away. That was when my bed time was supposed to be 8 pm. And that's not the only time I have read all night. The latest Hunger Games book, Mockingjay, came out about a year and a half ago, right before school started for the semester. I was in Utah already with roommates I had never met before and rather than getting to know each other that weekend we all showed up with our own copies of the book and sat on the couches reading. The next thing I knew, I had finished the book in one day. Only stopping to eat and unpack. I'm just glad that school hadn't started yet. 

That all being said, I decided that I am going to give my five favorite books/series, no matter how nerdy or ridiculous it might be. I can't however, pick an actual favorite. So here they are, in no special order.

Bodie & Brock Thoene- Shiloh Legacy, Zion Covenant, Zion Chronicles, Zion Legacy, A.D. Chronicles
These are amazing books. I put the series in the order of how you should read them chronologically for the stories to all flow together. They weren't written in this order, but its so wonderful. These are historical fiction books beginning with WWI and finishing with the Conflict in Palestine after WWII. The wonderful thing is that they are able to keep going because they don't exhaust one story line. Each series focuses on a different set of characters, but their stories come into play with each other. I get wrapped up in the stories and someday want to own all these books. 

Robin McKinley: Spindle's End
This is a really simply written book that is a retake on a traditional fairy-tale, Sleeping Beauty. I have read this book so many times since I was little and already have a copy to share with daughters someday.

Harper Lee: To Kill a Mockingbird
The first time I read this book, I was too young to understand what it really meant, but loved reading the stories of the brother and sister. Now I have read it two more times and love all the dynamics of the story. I was so happy to learn that Brett loved this book as much as I do. After we got married and unpacked our stuff we found that we both had the same copy. 

Christopher Paolini: Eragon
This is where the nerdy confessions come in. I really like this series too for some reason. Yes, I am now 21 years old, but I still really want to read the last one that just came out. Don't judge me. :)

Jodi Picoult: My Sister's Keeper
This book is fantastic. So fantastic in fact that they made a move about it. However, the movie is totally wrong. Don't just watch the movie, read the book. Its so sad and so wonderful at the same time. 

Those are some of my favorites. I'm sure that I will be adding more books as I read them. But here is a pretty good start.


  1. You are a Lee through and through. :)

  2. I love this post. Those are some of my favorites too. Here are a couple more for you to try. How Green Was My Valley/Richard Llewellyn, Two From Galilee/Marjoree Holmes, The Alchemist/Paulo Coelho, Paradise Lost/John Milton, These is my words/Nancy E. Turner(I just finished this one and it is a top pick for sure- I haven't been able to start another book just because I am still thinking about this one. All of these books have been like that for me) Enjoy! and Happy Reading! Let me know when you finish them so we can talk about them. I have read most of them a couple times but can still do it again! I was getting ready to publish my book club books this afternoon. Share it with any one who might be interested. lmL

  3. I also have read and loved To Kill a Mockingbird and My Sisters Keeper. It seems as if I have read something by Robin McKinley but I couldn't swear to it and I don't recall reading Spindle's End. I'll have to check it out from the library. Reading rocks! I'd rather curl up with a good book than watch TV anytime.

  4. Just one more detail to add just how well you fit into our weird, nerdy family. ;-) I'll have to check some of these out!


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